Scientific AI Hamprecht Lab, IWR, Heidelberg University

Dmitry Kobak

From October 2023 to March 2024 I am a visiting professor (Vertretungsprofessor) taking over Fred Hamprecht’s teaching duties. I am teaching a BSc course Einführung ins Machinelle Lernen and a MSc seminar Transformers, large language models, and their use in physics.

Other then that, I am a research scientist and a group leader in the Berens lab at Tübingen University, Germany.

I am interested in self-supervised and unsupervised learning, in particular contrastive learning, manifold learning, and dimensionality reduction for 2D visualization of scientific datasets. I am working with image data, text data, graph data, and single-cell RNA-seq data in neuroscience contexts.

Please see my personal website for more details.