Scientific AI Hamprecht Lab, IWR, Heidelberg University

Dominik Geng

I am writing my Physics Master’s thesis in the Scientific AI lab. Since my Bachelor’s thesis in Stochastic Dynamics I developed a greater interest in Theoretical Physics, Differential Geometry and Machine Learning.

Currently, I am working on Machine Learning applications to Density Functional Theory. Generally, I am interested in the theoretical underpinnings of Machine Learning. That is, how can theory (Math, Physics, Chemistry, you name it) guide our understanding of and yield appropriate inductive biases for Machine Learning.

I previously studied and worked in Sport Sciences, aiming to understand how the human body moves, develops and adapts. Writing a thesis on energy conservation in human movement sparked my interest in Physics leading to my eventual switching of gears. The urge to understand the behavior of systems on a most fundamental level lead me from the human body to Physics and Machine Learning.
The love for sports remains. Primarily, I am engaged in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. My gentler side likes books (old), movies (semi-old), cooking (Italian) and my dog Chewie (cute).