Scientific AI Hamprecht Lab, IWR, Heidelberg University

Fred Hamprecht


I develop machine learning algorithms for complex problems endowed with spatial structure.

For twenty years, I had fun (and luckily some success) solving problems from image analysis. More recently, I have decided to dedicate myself entirely to the study of a long-standing problem from quantum chemistry: In the framewok of density functional theory, I try to learn the kinetic energy functional using, and expanding, the latest technology from geometric machine learning.

What has not changed is my love for methods that have a sound mathematical background such as combinatorial optimization or algebraic graph theory, while being widely applicable and useful in practice.

I enjoy, and feel most privileged, to be able to work on things unknown, and to teach the next generation of scientists and engineers. Luckily, I am blessed with a fantastic lab whose members happen to be both extremely gifted and nice.

I am proud that several former PhD students continue to serve in research and education, including